10 Best High Arch Running Insoles

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10 Best High Arch Running Insoles

1. Superfeet Green High Arch Insoles

Superfeet Green High Arch Insoles Screenshot

The Superfeet Green High Arch Insoles stood out as my top choice after thorough testing and consideration. First off, the blue color caught my eye - it's pretty unique for insoles. They seemed like they'd offer good cushioning without being too pricey.

I was right about the comfort; these insoles provide solid arch support, which really helps with my plantar fasciitis pain. They're not just for running shoes; I've switched them between my work boots and casual sneakers easily.

The balance of cushioning is spot on. They absorb shock well without making my shoes feel tight, which keeps my stride natural and comfortable. The material feels high-quality, durable, and maintains its shape even with daily use. The reinforced heel cup adds stability and improves foot alignment, which I noticed right away.

At first, they felt a bit stiff, but they didn't make my feet hurt. Instead, they started reducing my heel and arch pain from the get-go. They're breathable too, keeping my feet dry and odor-free, which is a big plus for me.

Comparing them to other insoles, like the Berry ones, the Superfeet Green are slightly heavier but not by much. They're supposed to last over two years, showing their durability and long-term value. They're great for a range of activities and shoe types, making them versatile. The deep heel cup and premium EVA material for shock absorption really stand out, helping with foot fatigue and alignment issues.

However, they're not machine-washable, which is a bit inconvenient. And while they're popular, they don't rank as high as the Berry insoles in some categories, suggesting they might not be everyone's top choice.

Overall, these insoles are a solid pick for anyone needing extra arch support and wanting to reduce foot pain. They're firm yet comfortable and seem built to last, making them a good investment for your feet.


  • Reduces plantar fasciitis pain, improves foot alignment.
  • Long-lasting, stable with reinforced heel cup.
  • Breathable, wicks moisture, prevents odor.
  • Fits various shoes, easily transferable.
  • High-quality, durable, retains shape.


  • Not machine-washable, cleaning less convenient.
  • Heavier than other insoles, weight-sensitive note.

2. CURREX Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts

CURREX Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts Screenshot

I recently tried the CURREX Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles, and I've got some thoughts on them. First off, these insoles are pretty colorful and have a lot going on in terms of design and materials. They look high-tech, almost too fancy for my usual wear, but I decided to give them a go in my running shoes.

The arch support is the real deal. The shape and engineering of the arch, made from a mix of plastic and foam with minimal padding, really do their job well. They're designed for high arches, and I found they provided solid support without making my shoes feel cramped. This was a relief, especially since I've dealt with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis before. These insoles helped alleviate those issues, making my runs more comfortable.

However, the price is a bit steep compared to other insoles I've tried. But given the relief they've provided, I see it as a worthwhile investment. They're durable too, lasting about six months with regular use, and they fit well in different shoe brands after a bit of trimming.

One standout feature is the deep heel cup. It's stiff and offers great support, especially for someone like me who tends to supinate due to ITBS. It didn't alter my natural gait, which is a big plus. The zero heel drop also caught my attention, aiming to optimize natural foot motion. It felt different at first but in a good way, offering a more natural running experience.

The rebound cushioning is another highlight. It's supposed to help with faster recovery and propulsion, and while it's hard to measure, my runs did feel more energetic. The insoles are a tad heavier than the Superfeet ones I've used before, but the difference isn't a deal-breaker.

In conclusion, the CURREX insoles are a solid choice for runners needing high arch support and dealing with foot-related issues. They're a bit pricey and heavier, but the benefits like improved comfort, support, and a more natural running feel make them worth considering.


  • Great for high arches, eases plantar fasciitis.
  • Stabilizes heel, prevents foot rotation, reduces ITBS risk.
  • Lessens foot pain, supports arches well.
  • Durable, fits many running shoe brands.


  • More expensive than other insoles.
  • Heavier than some alternative insoles.

3. Superfeet Women's High Impact Support Insoles (Berry)

Superfeet Women's High Impact Support Insoles (Berry) Screenshot

I recently tried the Superfeet Women's High Impact Support Insoles, known as Berry, and here's what I found. Initially, the green color struck me as odd for something that goes inside my shoes, but it's not visible when wearing them, so no big deal.

The grey part felt sturdy, suggesting these insoles could handle heavy use. The design, especially the little circles on the heel, caught my eye, making me curious about their impact.

These insoles are made for high arches, which is great for me. They provide precise support, something I haven't found in many other insoles.

The deep heel cup and sculpted arch noticeably reduced my foot fatigue and aches, a relief during long runs. For someone who strikes heavily on their heels like me, the high-density foam offered good shock absorption, easing some stress on my knees and lower back.

I appreciated the trim-to-fit feature, allowing me to adjust them to my shoe size perfectly. The moisture-wicking top cover kept my feet dry, a must-have for any running insole.

Durability seems to be a strong point; they feel like they'll last a long time without losing shape or support.

There was a bit of discomfort at first, which is typical when adjusting to new insoles, but they quickly became more comfortable with use. They're firm, which slightly altered how my shoes fit, but they also made a pair of slightly large shoes fit better, a nice bonus.

The Berry insoles are marketed towards women, and I did feel they offered a better fit and support for my feet, possibly due to being designed with women's biomechanics in mind. However, seeing them listed as unisex was a bit confusing at first.

Compared to other running insoles I've tried, the Superfeet Berry insoles stand out for their targeted support for high arches, durability, and moisture control. While the initial adjustment period and firmness might not suit everyone, I found these insoles to significantly improve my comfort and reduce pain during runs.


  • Supports high arches, lessens foot fatigue during runs.
  • Long-lasting shape and support, even with heavy use.
  • Moisture-wicking cover for dry, comfy feet in workouts.
  • Deep heel cup, sculpted arch for fatigue relief, high arches.
  • High-density foam absorbs impact, eases knee/back stress.


  • May cause initial discomfort during adjustment.
  • Firm insoles may change shoe fit, need adjustments.

4. CURREX RunPro Insoles

CURREX RunPro Insoles Screenshot

I had the opportunity to test the CURREX RunPro Insoles and here are my observations. Right off the bat, their sleek red and black design caught my eye; they look like something a serious runner would use.

They're not just about looks, though. The high arch support is noticeable, and unlike some insoles that bend easily, these maintain their shape, providing the support they promise.

Comfort-wise, they're a mixed bag. While they're not the cushiest out there, the dual-layer cushioning does add a level of shock absorption that's appreciated during long runs.

The ergonomic non-slip design and deep heel cradle are standout features, ensuring the insoles stay in place and offer enhanced stability, which is crucial for avoiding injuries.

Installation was a breeze, which is great for someone like me who isn't keen on fussing around. However, I did notice they might not fit as well in narrower shoes but work perfectly in my sneakers once I removed the original shoe insert.

Comparing them to other running insoles, the RunPro Insoles strike a good balance between support and comfort. They're specifically marketed for running and standing all day, which matches my experience.

However, they don't seem to cater to gender-specific foot shapes, which might be a downside for some.

Overall, my impression is positive. They've made my runs more comfortable and seem to help with my back issues, likely due to better foot alignment. While there's an adjustment period, it's worth it for the stability and support they offer.


  • Enhances arch support and stability for running and standing.
  • Dual-layer cushioning absorbs shock for lasting comfort.
  • Non-slip, deep heel cradle keeps insoles secure, aligns feet.
  • Specifically crafted for runners' needs.
  • Highly rated and popular with users.


  • May not fit well in narrow footwear.
  • No gender-specific designs for tailored fit.

5. Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts

Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts Screenshot

The Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles caught my attention, and I've gathered some insights. Initially, the bright pink color caught my eye, not exactly my taste, but it seemed like something my daughter would appreciate. Despite the color, the comfort level was my main focus.

The insoles aren't too cushiony but provide just the right support for my high arches, a feature I found particularly beneficial when walking on uneven surfaces. This support has been a game-changer for my legs and back, making me feel like my overall body alignment has improved.

I've noticed a decrease in my usual lower back and hip pain, which speaks volumes about their effectiveness.

Comparing these to other running insoles I've used, the high-impact foam in the forefoot stands out. It absorbs shock well, especially during activities like running or hiking, which is a relief for someone dealing with plantar fasciitis.

The deep, structured heel cup also adds an extra layer of support and stability, further easing my heel pain.

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. There was a brief adjustment period where I felt a bit off, even nauseous, but that settled as my body adapted to the new support. They're easy to trim, fitting into various shoes, which I appreciate for its versatility.

Although there are concerns about how long they'll last with daily use, mine have held up quite well so far.

One downside is their limitation to women's footwear, which might not work for everyone. But for me, they've been a solid choice, improving my comfort during high-impact activities and daily wear.


  • Enhances body alignment, eases leg/back pain.
  • Great shock absorption, helps plantar fasciitis sufferers.


  • Initial discomfort period possible.
  • Only fits women's shoes, excludes men.

6. Sof Sole Insoles Men's High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert

Sof Sole Insoles Men's High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert Screenshot

My experience with the Sof Sole Insoles Men's High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert yielded these results. The insoles are pretty straightforward in design, nothing flashy, but they have a solid color and seem durable. This is important to me because I don't want to replace them too often.

Coming from a company like Implus, known for its focus on fitness and footcare, I had high expectations. The positive customer feedback I saw online also added to my confidence in trying them out. These insoles are specifically made for high arches, which I have, and I was looking for something to ease my foot pain after long days on my feet.

The support they provide is significant. My feet felt supported on hard surfaces, and they were a boon for my plantar fasciitis, offering cushioned heel support that helped alleviate my symptoms. They fit true to size in my running shoes, though I had to make minor adjustments for perfect arch alignment. While they're great for high arches, I could see how someone with extremely high arches might need even more support.

The deep heel cup added stability, which I appreciated, but the material on the bottom started to collect debris when I switched them between shoes. This was a bit inconvenient. Also, I'm concerned about their longevity; they seem like they might wear out before my shoes do, especially since I'm hard on my footwear.

It's worth noting these insoles are marketed towards men, which might limit their appeal. I've noticed other brands like Physix Gear and FeelLife offer insoles that are either specifically for women or unisex, which might be a better fit for some.

In comparison to other insoles I've tried, the Sof Sole Insoles rank well in terms of comfort and support for high arches. However, their durability and the sticky material on the bottom are drawbacks. They're not the top-ranked insoles on the market, but they're a solid choice for someone with specific needs like mine.


  • Relieves high arch foot pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • Deep heel cup enhances stability and alignment.
  • True to size, reduces stress on hard surfaces.
  • Implus expertise ensures quality footcare product.
  • Supports flat feet, comfortable for all-day use.


  • Bottom material gets sticky, collects debris.
  • May wear out quicker than shoes.

7. FeelLife Plantar Fasciitis Relief Shoe Insoles

FeelLife Plantar Fasciitis Relief Shoe Insoles Screenshot

After using the FeelLife Plantar Fasciitis Relief Shoe Insoles, I've compiled my findings. First off, they're quite colorful, which was a bit much for me. I was worried the colors might bleed onto my socks, but so far, so good.

They're packed with layers, which I guess is for cushioning.

The insoles have a lot of positive reviews, which matched my experience. They offer solid arch support, which is great for someone like me who deals with back and foot pain from standing all day. They're designed for flat feet, providing firm support without squishing my toes or causing irritation, even after wearing them for a long time.

I found these insoles comfortable and they made my old shoes feel new again, perfect for long periods of standing. They fit well in all my shoes, from work boots to casual sneakers, without slipping around, which is a big plus. They're supposed to be good for walking on hard surfaces and for heavier folks, which I found to be true.

However, I'm a bit concerned about how long the arch support will last since it feels like it might flatten over time. Also, the hard TPU material is supportive but doesn't feel as cushy as the foam in some other insoles I've tried, like the Sof Sole ones.

Overall, these insoles are versatile and improve comfort significantly, but if you prefer a softer feel, you might find them a bit too rigid.


  • Great arch support, eases back and foot pain.
  • Fits many shoes, improves comfort and support.
  • High customer approval.


  • Arch support may wear out.
  • Hard material, less cushioning for some.

8. PCSsole’s 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles

PCSsole’s 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles Screenshot

The PCSsole’s 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles were on my test list for foot discomfort, and I've drawn some conclusions. At first glance, they seemed simple and not too flashy, which I liked. I was skeptical about their thin design, but decided to give them a chance.

After using them, I noticed a significant improvement in my posture and a reduction in sharp pains in my heel, big toe, knees, and back. The pain from standing for long periods decreased a lot. These insoles provided excellent support for my high arches, almost as good as more expensive custom orthotics, without making my shoes feel tight.

They're lightweight and durable, making them great for travel and being on my feet for a long time. However, they might not be the best choice for very flat or snug-fitting shoes, as they can make the heel slip out.

I found these insoles to fit better and stay in place better than full-length ones. They work well in a variety of shoes, like athletic and casual ones, without making my feet too hot thanks to the breathable top layer.

Compared to other insoles, PCSsole’s don’t highlight specific shock absorption technology, which might be a downside for some. Also, there’s no mention of a warranty, something other brands offer, which could be important for risk-averse buyers.

Overall, PCSsole’s insoles are a solid choice for anyone looking to relieve foot pain and improve posture without spending a lot on custom orthotics. They're versatile, comfortable, and effective, even if they lack some advanced features and a warranty.


  • Alleviates foot pain, enhances posture.
  • Lightweight, durable for extended wear.
  • Aligns body, corrects posture.
  • Supports high arches, affordable, toe-friendly.


  • Not for flat or tight shoes; may slip.
  • No shock absorption or warranty.

9. VALSOLE Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

VALSOLE Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics Screenshot

I put the VALSOLE Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics to the test, and I'm ready to share my experience. First off, they look sporty with their orange and black design, and they seem to have a lot of padding, especially around the heel area. This caught my eye because I often deal with foot pain after long shifts on my feet.

The insoles feel durable. I've washed them a few times in cold water, and they air-dried without losing their shape or support, which is impressive.

They offer firm arch support that's comfortable, striking a good balance between giving the structure I need and not being too rigid. This is crucial for me since I'm on my feet a lot, and I need that extra support without discomfort.

I've used these insoles in flat shoes for extended walking and standing, and they've been a game-changer, providing the necessary arch support and cushioning. They've proven to be versatile, fitting well in all types of shoes I own, from casual to more formal, without compromising on support. This adaptability is something I value highly.

Comparing them to other running insoles, the VALSOLE insoles stand out for their breathability. The high-quality fabric and velvet cover keep my feet dry and comfortable, even after long periods.

The deep heel cup offers additional stability and support, which has been beneficial for my heel pain. Their ergonomic design with an anatomical arch shape seems to offer a better fit and alignment, crucial for my comfort and pain relief.

Being full-length, they provide comprehensive foot coverage, which I prefer for full support from heel to toe. However, unlike PCSsole insoles, which claim that 90% of people don’t need time to get used to them, the adaptation period for the VALSOLE insoles isn't mentioned. But personally, I didn't find the adjustment period to be an issue.

It's worth noting that, like other insoles, these aren't evaluated by the FDA for treating, curing, or preventing any disease. While this is a standard disclaimer, it might be a concern for those looking for medically endorsed solutions.

Overall, my experience with the VALSOLE Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics has been positive. They've provided the support and comfort I need for both work and running, making them a valuable addition to my footwear.


  • Durable, comfortable, and wash-resistant.
  • Balanced firm arch support for long wear.
  • Keeps feet dry with breathable fabric.
  • Breathable fabric enhances comfort.
  • Deep heel cup for added stability.


  • May require an adaptation period.
  • Not FDA evaluated for medical treatment.

10. RooRuns FitFeet Orthotic Inserts 3/4 Length

RooRuns FitFeet Orthotic Inserts 3/4 Length Screenshot

My trial with the RooRuns FitFeet Orthotic Inserts led to these impressions. The bright green design is a bit much for me, but the arch support looked promising.

They're 3/4 length, which I found handy for slipping into different shoes without needing to trim them. This was great because I could use them in my running shoes and work boots alike.

The high arch support, up to 35mm, is a standout feature. It's more targeted than what I've seen with VALSOLE orthotics, making it a good pick for someone like me with high arches. However, they felt hard at first, which took some getting used to. Over time, though, they became more comfortable and seemed to help with my ankle alignment and pronated feet.

One of my favorite things about these inserts is the breathable top layer. It kept my feet dry, which is essential during long runs or days spent on my feet. The slim profile also meant I didn't have to sacrifice shoe fit for comfort, a problem I've encountered with bulkier insoles.

Comparing them to VALSOLE orthotics, I noticed the RooRuns might not offer as much cushioning against impacts due to the lack of TPU & GEL shock absorption. This could be a downside for those with sensitive feet or who do a lot of high-impact activities. Also, the absence of a specified weight limit and warranty information made me wonder about their durability and customer assurance, something VALSOLE does better with their 12-month warranty and risk-free purchase promise.

Despite these concerns, the RooRuns are effective for what they're designed to do—support high arches and improve foot posture. They're also a cost-effective alternative to custom orthotics. For added comfort, I found pairing them with a soft, thin insole on top worked well.

In summary, the RooRuns FitFeet Orthotic Inserts are a solid choice for anyone needing substantial arch support without the bulkiness of full-length insoles. They're versatile, improve foot posture, and keep feet dry, though they might fall short in cushioning and customer assurance compared to some competitors.


  • High arch support for high-arched individuals.
  • Breathable top layer for dry, comfortable feet.
  • Fits many shoes without cutting.
  • Quick relief from plantar fasciitis.
  • Supports arch, improves ankle alignment.


  • Less impact cushioning than TPU/GEL insoles.
  • No weight limit or warranty info.

Running Insole NameProduct DimensionsManufacturerArch Support TypeMaterial
Superfeet Green High Arch Insoles14.4 x 4.2 x 1.5 inchesWALK HERO COMFORT AND SUPPORTEVA Foam
CURREX Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts12.6 x 3.94 x 1.97 inchesCURREXLow/Medium/High
Superfeet Women's High Impact Support Insoles (Berry)13.63 x 4.38 x 1.63 inchesSUPERFEETHighHigh-Density Foam
CURREX RunPro Insoles14.17 x 4.72 x 1.77 inchesPHYSIX GEAR SPORTHighEVA Foam
Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts14 x 5 x 2 inchesSUPERFEETHigh-Impact Foam
Sof Sole Insoles Men's High Arch Performance Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert13.7 x 5 x 2.13 inchesSOF SOLEHighFoam
FeelLife Plantar Fasciitis Relief Shoe Insoles13.07 x 4.61 x 1.93 inchesVALSOLEHigh
PCSsole’s 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles8.07 x 4.88 x 2.28 inchesPCS SOLEHighEVA Foam
VALSOLE Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics11.73 x 3.7 x 1.46 inchesFEELLIFEHigh
RooRuns FitFeet Orthotic Inserts 3/4 Length8.19 x 5.94 x 1.61 inchesROORUNSHigh
Running Insoles Selection Guide mindmap

Key Features to Look for in Running Insoles

When you're on the hunt for the perfect running insoles, it's like looking for a trusty sidekick. You want something that not only complements your stride but also keeps your feet happy mile after mile. Let's dive into the must-haves for your insole quest, guided by insights from the running community.

Support and Structure

First up, support is key, especially if your feet have special needs like a tendency to overpronate or if you're dealing with pesky issues like plantar fasciitis. Some runners swear by the extra boost they get from insoles. But here's the catch - too much of a good thing can be bad. Overly rigid insoles might just rob your shoes (and your feet) of their natural mojo. So, balance is crucial.

Shoe Flexibility

Remember, your running shoes were born to bend and flex. They're designed to move with you, not against you. Before you throw in an extra layer, think about whether your shoes are already doing a stellar job. Sometimes, the best support is the kind you don't notice because it's already there.

Quality Shoes First

This one's a no-brainer. Start with a solid foundation - a pair of well-fitting, high-quality running shoes. If your shoes are top-notch, you might not even need to think about insoles. Good shoes come with built-in features for protection and impact absorption. Make sure your shoes are the right fit, literally and figuratively, before exploring insole options.

Foot Shape and Arch Type

Our feet are as unique as we are. Some of us have high arches that could use a little extra love, while others have flatter feet that benefit from different kinds of support. Understanding your foot's shape and arch type can guide you to insoles that feel like they were made just for you. Sometimes, going custom is the best way to ensure your feet feel right at home.

Durability and Longevity

Let's talk longevity. Some insoles might start strong but quickly head downhill. Look for insoles that can go the distance, standing up to high mileage without losing their oomph. It's about finding a companion for your shoes that's in it for the long haul.

Comfort and Fit

Last but definitely not least, comfort is king. The right insoles should make your shoes feel even more like a part of you. Try out different brands and models to see what clicks. A good running shoe store can be your ally here, helping you find that just-right fit and feel.

In the end, remember that everyone's journey (and jog) is different. What works for one runner might not be the ticket for another. Listen to your body, prioritize comfort, and you'll be set to hit the ground running. Happy trails! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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